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OBD 2 Requirements For Cars

  • Detection of electrical failures of emission related components
  • Detection of plausibility failures of emission related components
  • Actuators faults
  • Detection of degradation of emission related components and subsystems:
    • Catalytic converter (HC, CO and NOx)
    • 02 sensors
    • Particulate filters (In Europe)
    • Fuel system
    • Misfire
    • Evaporative system leakage detection (In USA)
    • Evaporative system electrical diagnostic (In Europe)
    • Crank case ventilation (In USA)
    • A/C refrigerant loss
    • Secondary air system (In USA)
    • Coolant thermostat (In USA)


  1. Lostan Lostan

    I’m just curious about it work for normal car like 2008 and 2009 models ?

  2. Done Haeo Done Haeo

    I tried for my 2010 mercedes c180, i found 2 p class engine errors. thanks

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